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The structure of DNA was first announced in 1953, and since then work on molecular Biology has continued at an ever increasing rate. Scientists are discovering how the molecule may reproduce, how proteins are made by cells, how organisms may be genetically modified and how the entire human genome can be defined.

It is now obvious that regulation of gene activity is the next big area for investigation. The pace of activity is amazing. The amount of information now available is so large a new branch of Biology called Bioinformatics has been created to deal with it. Commercially, biotechnology firms rely on this knowledge, and this expanding industry is a reflection of the importance of the discoveries already made. Given the rate of progress, it is impossible to predict where other developments may lead in the next decade. Students could hardly be studying Biology at a more exciting time.

We introduce the pupils to Biology in their first years at Senior School on a range of scales, from the microscopic to the ecological. The topics studied include microbiology, the genetics of inheritance, and reproduction in human and other animals. Human and plant physiology conclude the Lower School teaching programme. In SSS 1 Biology is taught as part of the Principles of Science course, which integrates Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and in SSS2 it is taught as a single subject.



01 July 2018



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