Students will be taught, through a range of practical and analytical tasks, the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to compose, arrange, perform, record, edit and evaluate music. In lots of ways the final musical product is a bonus, since so much of what we do develops key life skills, like tenacity, initiative and communication, alongside creativity and imagination.

What kind of learning experiences do students have in Music at HarryField High School?
• Being creative, being spontaneous, using their initiative, taking the lead
• Being adventurous, taking musical risks, developing the ability to cope with change
• Learning how to listen, how to memorise, using non-verbal and non-visual forms of communication
• Enjoying Music for Music’s sake, as well as recognising its transferable properties
• Using ICT confidently to develop, edit, refine and evaluate ideas
• Exploring the unfamiliar, celebrating cultural diversity, challenging their own cultural perceptions
• Working with and listening to others, making a positive contribution to the classroom, the school and the wider community
• Organising learning, independence, tenacity, self-management, forward planning, self-confidence, perseverance, self-motivation.

Instrumental lessons

All students are invited to learn a musical instrument. We offer piano, drum kit, acoustic/electric and bass guitar, flute, saxophone, clarinet, violin and vocals. The school employs instrumental teachers (peripatetic teachers) directly.

Instrumental lessons take place during normal lesson time on a rotation basis.  You are responsible for checking your times each week and attending all lessons in order to show progress in your chosen instrument.


Music clubs

There are also many exciting Music Clubs taking place during lunch times. All clubs are FREE and are run by the music staff. Please see the Music Noticeboard for the Clubs timetable and sign up in Music Studio One. Hurry as places are limited.



01 July 2018



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