Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Learning how to communicate in one of the most widely spoken and lyrical languages in the world

Learning a language is incredibly rewarding and should be both challenging and fun. It improves pupils’ social skills, communication and confidence and makes them more open-minded to other people and cultures. Learning a language also helps improve pupils’ ability in English. Finally, languages help your chances of entry into college and university, as well as vastly improving your employment potential. 

Learning a modern foreign language is an essential skill in the 21st century. In the French Class we find it an exciting and enjoyable challenge for all pupils. It stimulates their natural curiosity to know what everyday objects and actions are called in another language, it provides an intellectual challenge as they work on understanding grammatical structures and it helps to develop the social skill of being able to express themselves confidently. French remains the most widely used foreign language for UK residents because France is our closest continental neighbour, a major EU partner and our favourite holiday destination. Through studying French and visiting France pupils are able to compare aspects of French culture with our own and develop an appreciation of cultural difference and variety. They will gain direct access to the ‘jewels’ of French culture – vibrant cinema, 19th century fiction, the lyrics of Piaf and Brel. Ultimately they develop communicative and analytical skills that are highly desirable across a broad range of careers.




01 July 2018



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