Sharing enthusiasm for and developing confidence and interest in one of the most important of subjects, and so maximizing the potential in our pupils

Welcome to the Maths department! Maths is one of the most important and, surprisingly, beautiful subjects you can study. With us, Students  learn little things like what a 100-sided shape is called to big things like how to work out how far the horizon is. They ’ll find out how the iPhone and chewing gum are related or why Nike trainers are so expensive. By the time you leave JSS, they ’ll have all the skills and knowledge they need to be or do whatever they like, whether they want to be an engineer or start your own business or even become a teacher!

Maths is one of the most important subjects studied by students at HarryField School. We are a strong team of very experienced teachers
devoted to sharing our enthusiasm for the subject as well as maximising the mathematical potential of our pupils. The approach is to make the subject interesting and enjoyable without sacrificing rigour. Extensive use is made of mathematical software and support clinics are held three times a week.




23 January 2015



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HarryField Highschool is the Leading Highschool in Nigeria. Located in Calabar at the heart of rivers state the school is renowned for academic excellence at Junior and Senior secondary school levels of high school education

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