Computer Science & ICT

Computer Science & ICT

Acquiring the most relevant and up-to-date skills - including programming and the writing of code - to prepare pupils to compete in the modern workplace.

Computer Science brings together all aspects of the computer systems that we now take for granted in modern life. Problem solving, logic, maths, computational theory, practical programming and social issues are all included in this exciting and vibrant subject. Many of our SSS Level pupils go on to study Computer Science further at university and our offer is ideally suited for those interested in Maths, Science, Engineering and many other disciplines.

We believe our pupils should be exposed to a variety of technologies, and the latest developments, to ensure they are adequately prepared for a world that is increasingly dependent on the digital environment.

On arrival into JSS1, pupils are given an induction session, which introduces them to the network and teaches them the importance of storing important information securely. Pupils have dedicated ICT lessons, where they learn the basic concepts central to the process of creating software applications. They are taught a range of skills that exploit a variety technology for the learners’ benefit. Learning, at an appropriate level, how to operate in a web-enabled environment as well as how to use code and programming to design simple applications and games. As pupils move into JSS2, they are introduced to the realities of social networking, web and mobile application development, multi-media technology and, most importantly, how to use technology to work collaboratively and safely.

During SSS1 pupils utilise their learnt skills in many of their subject areas to support their learning, whilst also being exposed to many new ICT experiences. In SSS 2& 3, pupils receive ICT lessons as part of the Science and Social Sciences carousel. Here they will enhance their understanding of available software and develop these skills in all aspects of their future work. Pupils are also learn about the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and gain an understanding of how their digital footprint can impact on their lives.

Our SSS students are given the opportunity to study Computing, as part of their Enrichment Programme. Where they learn about computers in depth and gain a solid understanding of how computer and network technology works. They study the practical application of computers and develop programming skills.

Throughout all subjects, and in all years, the use of computer technology is very much encouraged and utilised in both lessons and independent study.




23 January 2015



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