Junior Secondary School

Junior Secondary School

At HarryField High Junior School, our aim is to foster in each child a love of learning that will carry them through this important, formative time, through their senior school years and into adult life. Here with us, pupils quickly become part of a community of learners, where each individual is unique. We tailor our curriculum and our resources to meet their learning needs and to support them to challenge themselves to develop their skills and talents throughout their learning journey.

A passion for exploring and experimenting is engendered in all we do and each child has the opportunity to experience a varied and diverse range of activities within and outside the classroom such as art, music, sport, drama and chess.

In our school, children are able to grow pastorally and academically in a nurturing and safe environment which allows them to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

I warmly invite you to visit us and allow our pupils to explain to you how special they feel as part of Nottingham High Infant and Junior School.


Entry into the Junior School

Admission to the School at this stage assesses your child’s ability in the core subjects of Mathematics and English, including reading, along with some measures of general ability. The work is set at National Curriculum ability levels appropriate for the age group and these assessments should be seen as a positive opportunity for your child to show their ability. A member of staff will also spend some time in an informal interview with your child where we will be looking for your child’s ability to listen and speak freely with enthusiasm on a variety of topics of their choice. Spending the day in the Junior environment will give staff the opportunity to assess your child socially as well as within the working environment. The children will be provided with refreshments. Children wishing to join the Infant and Junior School are assessed only once each academic year. If children are unsuccessful in this attempt, they can reapply to sit the entrance assessment in the following year and subsequent years if they wish.


22 January 2015



About HarryField

HarryField Highschool is the Leading Highschool in Nigeria. Located in Calabar at the heart of rivers state the school is renowned for academic excellence at Junior and Senior secondary school levels of high school education

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