Welcome Note from Principal - HarryField HighSchool

Welcome to HarryField High School. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this truly special School. It is my great privilege to be Head of HarryField High and each and every day I never fail to be impressed by the wisdom, energy and humour of our children and young people, our committed staff, our beautiful buildings and our stunning grounds.

The way we are as a school is expressed through our PRIDE values: Personal Excellence, Respect and Friendship, Inspiration, Determination and Courage, and Equality.  Through these, we aim to combine both academic success and the development of the broader aspects of each student’s character.

Academic success is also integral to us at HarryField High School, but we do not measure success through league tables alone. We put as much emphasis on who our pupils become as on what they achieve. With this in mind, social and personal development are crucial. We celebrate individuality and our aim is to produce free-thinking young people with belief in themselves, confidence to pursue their ambitions and the resilience to succeed, whatever life presents. Alongside this we believe that the privilege of excellent education brings with it responsibility and we send young people out into the world who are ready to make a real and positive contribution to society.

We are proud of our team of dedicated staff who provide an inspiring, structured and supportive learning environment, in which every student is challenged to realise their full potential and encouraged to be ambitious for their futures. Our offer is enhanced by the extensive opportunities we are able to provide as a result of our enviable location in the heart of Cross Rivers and the many partnerships we have developed with international businesses, educational institutions, research centres, local primary schools and community groups.

We welcome you visit our school and get a view of the HarryField Experience


HarryField High School is the leading Junior and Secondary school in Nigeria with an inspiring and dynamic curriculum that challenges all our students to realise their full potential, encourages them to pursue new interests and equips them with the skills required for success in the competitive 21st century. Located in the heart of Cross Rivers, we are fast becoming a centre of innovation and enterprise, boasting an extensive and flourishing network of partners. Academic success is at the core of our work and we are committed to students achieving the highest levels of progress and success. Our students' success is testament to the hard work and dedication of our excellent teaching staff, who are committed to ensuring that each and every student at HarryField High School excels and leaves with the qualifications and skills needed for future success. We place great emphasis on providing students with a personalized learning experience, understanding their abilities and encouraging their aspirations. Former students have gone on to enjoy successful careers in medicine, law, teaching, journalism, architecture, finance and marketing. Others have become engineers, medical and social policy researchers, politicians and entrepreneurs. Students thrive at HarryField High School and leave us as inspired, independent and articulate young adults, ready to enter the world as ambitious global citizens.

Our Mission

Our vision is formed and inspired by our global outward looking approach to teaching and learning which aims to develop students who are confident, independent and resilient global citizens of the 21st century with limitless aspirations; equipped to be successful in any pathway they choose.

Our Ethics

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Great Curriculum

Teaching will be most effective if designed to address the learning needs of individual students in our classes.  The school recognises the importance of providing a needs-led, personalised curriculum for all our students

Our Teachers

At HarryField High school, we invest in the best and most experienced of teachers to help partner with you and teach our children to attain academic excellence and stand out in their choosen endevour. By Apply diverse professional methods we ensure that the your child learns to assimilatecomplex topics at a early age

Welcome to Harry Field High School

We understand how important the choice of secondary school is and our aim in this website is to provide an insight into the values and ethos of Woking High School. HarryField High School provides each and every student with the opportunity to flourish and succeed in an inspiring, academically challenging and nurturing environment. We offer an exceptional, holistic education enabling all our students to achieve the very highest standards in all aspects of school life. Our strong core values enable our students to achieve even more than they thought possible. We place our students at the heart of everything we do. Through the provision of a stimulating curriculum, the highest quality learning and teaching and the wealth of opportunities beyond the classroom, we encourage all our students to give of their very best and fulfil their true potential. We believe that everyone has something special to contribute and we take every opportunity to praise, celebrate and reward the many and varied achievements of our students. HarryField High School is privileged to have an exceptional team of dedicated and professional staff who are totally committed to our students’ achievement, attainment and progress. We promote high standards and have the highest expectations of work and behaviour. We are committed to providing the best possible support and guidance for each student’s needs. The caring and inclusive ethos to be found at Woking High School fosters a sense of belonging which builds confidence and positive self-esteem and creates a happy and harmonious community.

George Brown


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About HarryField

HarryField Highschool is the Leading Highschool in Nigeria. Located in Calabar at the heart of rivers state the school is renowned for academic excellence at Junior and Senior secondary school levels of high school education

Our Location

HarryField Highschool .

67a, Odukpani Road,
Off Wapi, Junction.Calabar, Cross River State

Phone: 08038764021,08033638599

Mobile: 07067052377, 08133527722

Email: info@harryfieldschools.com